Tor Browser received the last update due to persistent problems

The developers of the Tor project recently released an important update from their own network and Tor Browser. This cleans up the network with the ongoing problems of v3 onion services, which we have already reported on.

Update for the Tor network and the Tor browser

The programmers of the Tor project have now reacted to the longer-term outages of various sites and forums. The downtimes affected only those contact points in the network, which ran on the basis of a v3 onion service. Thanks to the new stable version of the Tor network, this problem will soon be a thing of the past.


Since the first week of January, you have been able to see reports of failures from a few darknet sites on the net. With an as yet unexplained background, large amounts of data were sent to v3 onion services, which caused them to collapse. Some security researchers suspect the unofficial client Torpy to be the cause. It is not yet clear whether this is true. However, the difficulties would have to be a thing of the past at the latest when all participants of the Tor network have installed the new Tor version

Installing a new version in a timely manner

An update was also made to the Tor Browser with version 10.0.10 for Linux, macOS and Windows along with the Browser for Android based devices. The software also includes some minor bug fixes for all devices. An immediate update is therefore useful for the users of all devices.

Tor browser FAQ: What is it and how does it protect your privacy? - CNET

— WoRLD-a-HoLiC (@WoRLD_a_HoLiC) February 5, 2021

All changes and extensions made by the developers of the the Browser can be read in the changelog. The latest version of the the Browser is now available for download on the project website and in the Distribution Directory.

The project is still looking for people to support them financially. Unfortunately, no anonymous donation is currently possible using a privacy coin such as Monero, Mimblewimble, Dash etc.

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