Tor network with further outages, cause unknown about network problems

Since the beginning of January, parts of the Tor network have been repeatedly cancelled due to massive increases in traffic. The reasons are unknown.

Since the beginning of January, all sites that use an Onion Service v3 have been temporarily unreachable in the Tor network. The reasons for the massive data volume are not yet known, some security researchers suspect the unofficial client Torpy. DDoS attacks by dark commerce providers or intelligence activities aimed at targeting parts of the network would also be possible.

Parts of the Tor network completely failed

Several variants for Tor Onion Services are available for theTor network. In addition, the surfers connect via the Tor network to the website you want to visit. While v2 is used by default, Onion Services v3 has only been in use since January 2018.

Since January of this year, v3 has been a problem, because unknown people send an extremely large amount of data to these points in order to knock them out. Due to congestion, these services have repeatedly failed. It has not yet been known whether intelligence efforts are behind this. Initial reports surfaced on Reddit on January 10.

@torproject Hi guys, is it only me or v3 addresses are down.. I cannot access any onion service using v3 address, v2 are fine.

— CryptoClixer (@CryptoClixer) January 9, 2021

Various causes possible

As Matthew Traudt of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory reportson his blog, such problems have now been repeated in the Tor network. He sees no evidence that the overloads are caused maliciously. In addition to official activities, DDoS attacks from rival darknet markets would also be possible. Traudt believes that this problem is serious because of the enormous impact. However, the problem could be solved by fairly simple means.


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