VPN Comparison Test 2021 all the best VPN: The Best Providers in Comparison

In our second VPN comparison test, we took another look at several providers after an eight-month break. How much do they cost, what do they offer? Which streaming providers work using VPN, which ones don't? One thing is already clear: they all have problems with Amazon Prime Video.

The last VPN comparison test is from June 2020. We've taken another look at some VPN providers this week. Then, as now, we did not receive any money for the publication of this contribution. However, we have included a tracking link with most URLs. As a result, we receive a commission for brokered subscriptions. But this has no effect on the test results, promised! With Mullvad, we even tested a service provider without commission, which performed very well overall. But in turn...

VPN Comparison Test: OVPN

Let's start with the Swedish provider OVPN. The copyright organization Rights Alliance tried to take legal actionagainstOVPN last year. You suspected that the VPN service was supposed to obscure the actual server location of The Pirate Bay. Because OVPN was able to prove in court that they did not record data on their customers' usage behavior, the Rights Alliance had to give in to defeat in the end. File sharing via OVPN is by the way unsurprisingly allowed.

The client on macOS was installed surprisingly quickly. Great feature: Within the software it is possible to chat directly with the support. It also has a speed indicator. Unfortunately, the comparatively small provider does not offer its own iOS app for iPads or iPhones. To do this, you have to download and configure the also free OpenVPN app. But once it runs, the VPN service can also run on portable devices. Multi-hop, which is designed to provide additional security, is included by default at no extra charge.

OVPN and the Streaming Providers

Within the OVPN program there is the option to enable streaming services. But with Amazon Prime Video, it still didn't want to work. In the absence of our own app, we have failed to try Apple TV+. If you want to watch movies at Disney+ via OVPN, you have to select a VPN server within Germany, otherwise it won't work. Those who have enabled the streaming option, however, can easily use Netflix.

Disney+: Klarna very curious

But let's stick with Disney+for a moment. Unfortunately, there is no free trial month there. So we have booked a month for you for a fee. And if you want to have the fee for the first month debited with Klarna, you have to provide a lot of information. So besides the bank details the name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc. What Klara wants with all the data, however, is questionable. For this, the activation worked without delay. Alternatively, you can pay Disney+ by credit card.

Conclusion OVPN

We had no problems with the software, quite the contrary. The installation and application is almost self-explanatory. For some, the client is too Windows-style. Or they miss WireGuard as an option in the program. I was honestly able to live with both quite well.

In terms of price, OVPN is a tick above the low-cost providers. For this, the servers are guaranteed to store no surfing behavior, which could be pulled out later. The location of Sweden thus contains its advantages and disadvantages. But hand on the heart. Even the providers with supposed offshore headquarters operate offices within the EU, as we have seen many times as a surprise. The big exception is Perfect Privacy.

Conclusion: All in all, we were really satisfied with the test with OVPN. Maybe you will soon donate your own app to the Apple disciples, so that the installation can be done faster there?!

Book OVPN here

Costs - as of 27.02.2021

2 years are not available
1 year: €59.88 - that's €4.99 per month
6 months €41.94 - that's €6.99 per month
1 month: 11 €

+ Software makes a good impression
+ priced within the framework of
- no free access available

VPN comparison test: Mullvad, the Swedish mole!

Mullvad is the mole among VPN providers. The company is also headquartered in Sweden. Even if you don't spend much money on marketing campaigns, the company generally enjoys a good reputation. After our last VPN comparison test, we were asked several times to take a look at Mullvad.
Unfortunately, Mullvad does not have an affiliate program. As a result, we will not receive a penny commission if someone decides to subscribe.

I contacted the support for a test account today and received one directly. Our technician Clemens has successfully used Mullvad on his router. The speed went up to the maximum of the device. Mullvad can IPv6. On the mac mini, the software left no negative memories.

Installation and application are easy to do. This is also confirmed by our author Antonia, who has already been recommended to Mullvad more often. Instead of a name and password, a sixteen-digit number is used to identify users. The iOS app is simple but does what it is supposed to do. Unlike most other providers, even the Augmented Reality Game Ingress could be outsmarted and allowed to use despite VPN. Otherwise, Ingress only showed connection problems at startup and did not run at all.

Mullvad and the streaming providers

Netflix ran smoothly. Problem child Amazon Prime Video failed the service completely. With Disney+, you have to trick a little. Start the service without a VPN and log in to Disney, the actual consumption of the series and movies also works with activated Mullvad VPN. Apple TV+ runs flawlessly and free of delays.

Conclusion Mullvad

Good reputation, easy-to-use software, torrenting allows, also goes multihop & wireguard protocol. However, it is recommended to use the WireGuard Configuration Generator, where you can set multihop to surf across multiple VPN servers. In terms of price, Mullvad is exactly one cent above OVPN and thus absolutely within the limits.
I've never seen the price model like this before. You do without any frills, even when it takes price. Really cool! As with HoRst, you can even send cash and the payment token to the company headquarters to remain completely anonymous. The price remains the same even then. If you can do without browser addons and German-language menus, you've got it right. In a recent pentest, however, Mullvad fell through in some respects, more info here.

Book Mullvad here

Costs - as of 27.02.2021

A decade: 5 euros per month
1 year: 5 Euros per month
1 month: 5 euros per month

+ no long-term commitment needed to protect your own identity on the web
+ Price always the same, no matter how long you commit
- no free access available
– no German-language menus, no browser extensions

VPN Comparison Test: ExpressVPN - if the month has only seven days

I applied to Participate in the Affiliate Program with ExpressVPN more than a year ago. Now would have been the time to take a closer look at the service. But think! I received an email in mid-February about setting up a 30-day trial account. But 11 days later, the offer had expired. I told the support that as a journalist I would like to write a review (see screenshot below). And those who cannot test cannot therefore judge anything. Sounds logical, doesn't it?

Well, I should have used the offer within seven days, now I was just unlucky, they wrote me between the lines. I could book an access and cancel within the first month. I then checked again if he knew what I was about. Yes, he would know. But he didn't want to shake his decision any more.

So should I buy something to advertise for free? Hello? No, sorry folks. That is not how it works. For a test, free access for 24 hours would have been more than sufficient. Then it should just fail now, I don't care. Just for comparison: Some companies gave me access for a year, which would not have been necessary. But you just can't make money with me like that.

ExpressVPN Support Response: Nice to know you're interested in us. But don't get anything for you.

VPN Comparison Test: PureVPN - the low-cost alternative

PureVPN allows P2P file sharing with its own mode. The software runs across platforms on many devices. Application and installation on macOS were possible without any problems. Multi Hop is also included in the price. More than 2,000 servers are operated in 180 locations, which is really extremely much at the low price.

PureVPN and the Streaming Providers

Apple TV+ works fine after installing the app on iPhone. However, Netflix only runs stream mode. And even then you have to choose a server in the USA, UK or India. Unfortunately, the software does not mention this. If you don't know, you don't see anything on Netflix. Disney+ software doesn't bother. Even the Dutch VPN server goes even though the account has been booked for a German. The good old problem case Amazon Prime Video zigzags around here as well. We didn't get it going. And this despite the fact that we have tried several servers in different countries. The guys at Amazon seem to know how to protect a streaming service from overcoming geoblocking.

Book PureVPN here

2 years: €61.95 - 2.58 EUR per month - regular price significantly higher at 71 EUR
1 year: €21.00 - 1.75 EUR per month - not available regularly
1 month at the regular price without a camouflage cap deal: 9.60 EUR, which is the top price in the segment.
one week :€0.99, after the end of the trial period, a PureVPN will charge 61 EUR for 1 year.

- no free access for interested parties
+ very cheap: 2.58 EUR per month is almost unbeatable in price!
+ a large number of servers to choose from
+ App available for many different devices

VPN comparison test: SurfShark, the cheap shark in the segment

Surfshark is one of the established providers, which is also very cheap. The installation of the app on the iPhone took a little longer, but then everything went smoothly. SurfShark is well suited for file sharing, also for platform-independent privacy protection. Similar to PureVPN, the app runs on countless devices. With such a large provider, you can expect that. The mass of servers between which you can choose is also impressive. Of course, the smaller competitors cannot keep up with this.

Surfshark and the Streaming Providers

A difficult subject, in short. Amazon Prime Video didn't go at all with us in the test run. According to the documentation, you should select a VPN server in the USA, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy, India, France, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Canada, Brazil or Israel. Unfortunately, the tip did not help us.

We tried a US server in Denver: no. Also slack over a VPN server in London. Server #1 in Tokyo: no way. After that we gave up, because supposedly all servers in the described countries should work. The reception of series and movies via Apple TV+, on the other hand, was no problem. Netflix's protections have also been successfully circumvented. Disney+ also ran smoothly.

With Disney+you should not surf over too many servers, otherwise the stream does not start due to lack of speed. But this applies not only to Surfshark, but to all providers.

Book Surfshark here.

Costs - as of 28.02.2021:

2 years: EUR 49.30 per year, i.e. a total of 98.60 = 4.11 EUR per month, SurfShark debits annually
6 months: EUR 32.13 every 6 months = 5,355 EUR per month
1 month: 10.68 / Mon.

- No accounts available for a few days
- no free trial accounts for customers
+ good value for money
+ most streaming providers run smoothly
+ App available for many different devices

VPN Comparison Test: hide.me

hide.me is the downloaders safe harbour. Many in this sector use hide.me. Ten years ago, you could see advertising for hide.me at boerse.bz. But the company has a good reputation. hide.me is known to do not release any user data and has chosen an offshore location. Of course, not just because of tax advantages. But so that you can better protect yourself from official requests. For Fileharer, hide.me is optimal. 1,900 servers in all countries are also not cardboard stalk. But it is also more expensive than the low-cost providers. For Apple fans, the app is only available in the manufacturer's official store. For this you can use the client in German and has many settings options. Surfing over a cascade consisting of several VPN servers (Multi Hop) is also possible.

The installation of the app was by far the fastest on the iPhone in the test run! But: Ingress does not start again because of alleged connection errors. Apparently, the manufacturer has built in a protection against VPN servers. But who knows?

hide.me and the streaming providers

Amazon Prime Video should run our contact with the manufacturer in the USA without any problems. We didn't get it going here. The same error message kept coming. hide.me is informed and will deal with the problem, as it was said. Apple TV+ was no problem, even the protection of Netflix was successfully circumvented. Disney+ also runs without reproach.

Hide.me book here

Costs - as of 28.02.2021

15 months for €39.99, including three months for free! If the camouflage cap deal yields a monthly price of 2,666 EUR, which is record-breakingly cheap for hide.me! In comparison, this is only a few cents above the low-cost competitor.

+ mature client
+ good reputation as a secret provider
+ free use possible

VPN Comparison Test: Perfect Privacy, the secure scene provider

Perfect Privacy is now headquartered in Switzerland. The boys have been around for a long time and have a lot of technique and know-how. IPv6 is not a problem, nor is Stealth VPN, a killswitch and multi-hop connections and neuro-routing.

Technician heart, what more do you want?

Security always comes at a price, PP is not a low-cost provider. But since one is known for many years as a secret service provider, which does not bow so quickly to the will of the authorities, many people from the digital underground use Perfect Privacy. Even in the case of confiscation of the servers by penal authorities, no more than necessary cooperation has been shown.

The use of streaming services should not be a priority. Unfortunately, no trial account was available at the time of the test, so we did not test the big four steaming providers. But we are happy to pass that on. In the last test, Netflix and Amazon didn't work. We have more often subjected PP to a VPN comparison test in the past and have always been satisfied. It is very nice that the provider can also be used as software via OpenVPN.

If you need more information, you should .B. Read our in-depth interview with the makers .

Book Perfect Privacy here

Costs - as of 28.02.2021

2 years: €214.95, i.e. €8.96 per month
1 year: €119.99, i.e. €9.99 per month
1 month: €12.99

+ many protocols and technology included
+ Safety at the highest level
+ unlimited data volume
+ Provider does NOT disclose any data of its customers!
– stable but comparatively high price, no free trial accounts for customers.

So, that's it for this time. We want to publish the next VPN comparison test in three months. So soon ™. Which provider should we then take a closer look at? Write us your suggestions in the forum. And thanks to HackbeardMull, who captioned this post.


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