Where can you buy drugs? Where do the new drugs come from to darknet?

Drugs substances in recent decades have become one of the ways of enrichment, it is unclear only the desire of others to die for someone's wallet. Authorities say it's difficult to track a new drug use invented by pharmacy addicts. You can also buy drugs through the Internet and the darknet. Only one thing does not converge - the entire Internet is filled with links. Literally in every blog in which there is no control over the content of materials, you can find materials of this kind. On the forums, it is discussed in what proportions it is better to mix certain psychotropic substances, and in social networks dozens of groups are created with an invitation to try "new sensations". Such groups, of course, are quickly closed by moderators, but still they manage to find interested and contact them.

The President of USA brought to the meeting a whole bag of various drugs that he bought via the Internet, and the question begs itself - why can buyers easily find distributors, but law enforcement agencies can not?

How to get a "high" without leaving the computer. At this time, it is more and more difficult to buy drugs In this case, digital drugs can be found on any social network or torrent. At the same time, it is said that it is absolutely safe, the action is manifested when listening to headphones. But no one will describe the principle of operation and the allegedly non-existent consequences. First, the effect of such drugs extends to a quarter of the population - 10% of suggestible and 15% of relatively suggestible people. It is almost impossible for the government to fight this in every possible way Several people tried to buy drugs online and the police arrested them.Accordingly, for the effect, advertising should be carried out, which will convince them of their action and safety.

How to prepare a dose at home from improvised materials and what to buy at the pharmacy. This section is a manual for a suicide who wants to have fun first, and then dies in agony. Anemia, epilepsy, stratification of body tissues, impaired nervous activity, anuria or urinary incontinence and other "pleasant" consequences await someone who, addicted to pharmacy addiction, can still be able to

Where do new drugs come from?

Most often, the creation of a new "chemistry" to maintain a truly "club" mood is done by specialists in underground laboratories. Business on drugs today is one of the most risky, but profitable types of entrepreneurial activity. But the extensive structures of the drug business with equipped laboratories are one thing. But small "benches" for the creation of the latest psychostimulants are completely different. Most often, young chemists, students of chemical universities experiment in such laboratories. Not wanting to fall "under the article", they are engaged in the creation of new psychotropics, the so-called legal psychostimulants, which are then successfully implemented on special Internet portals. In fact, their activities do not differ from the experiments of legitimate pharmaceutical companies. But if the latter have special guinea pigs for testing new psychoactive products, then young chemists cannot afford such luxury. That is why they release unexamined psychostimulants for sale, which can be fatal from a single dose.

Posibility buy drugs are considered legitimate only by law. The fact is that new chemical formulas simply do not have time to rank among various groups of narcotic products. Be that as it may, any psychoactive drug that clouds the mind must undergo lengthy testing before going on sale. Of course, modern "chemists" do not do this, because the probability that the synthesized product will be harmless is negligible.

You can brew a "potion" not only in specialized laboratories. Drugs of artisanal production, synthesized in an ordinary kitchen, are purchased through the "baryg". In order for the drug to give the most "bright" sensations, the most incredible "reagents" are used, ranging from radio store products to a means for cleaning sewer networks. Such "novelties" are deadly narcotic compounds. All countries of the world are fighting unequally against new drugs.

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