Where to buy counterfeit money and find fake notes for sale threatens for it

Increasingly, there are cases when people want to buy counterfeit money. It should be understood that the issue of counterfeit (not provided with goods, services) money, their storage or purchase for the purpose of further sale are subject to criminal liability. Counterfeit money can get into your wallet after visiting a store, market and even when withdrawing cash through an ATM.

Today you will learn who is engaged in the manufacture of such pacifiers, what equipment is used, how to distinguish genuine bills from fakes, where to go if a fake gets into your hands.

Harm from counterfeit money

In each state, the state has an exclusive monopoly on the issue of banknotes. Commodity-money relations are balanced if the amount of money supply corresponds to the volume of turnover of goods and services. Often, citizens are interested in where to buy fake dollars. It is important to understand that such actions are illegal, entail criminal liability.

Falsification of money leads to an imbalance of such a ratio, a decrease in the value of the gross domestic product, destabilization of the national currency, provokes social tension, violates the authority of the authorities.

Harmful actions of violators of the law worsen the criminal situation in the country. They are one of the criminal methods of redistribution of national wealth. There is an exchange of actually released goods, services produced for non-existent, empty money. Accordingly, manufacturers do not receive any profit.

The negative phenomenon is often patronized by corrupt officials who still support criminal groups.

Who are the counterfeiters?

The production or sale of fake forms of banknotes (other securities) is called counterfeiting. The persons who produce them are counterfeiters.

Interestingly, this "craft" has been around for as long as money. Since ancient times, when the money supply had a real value, i.e., corresponded to the weight of gold, silver or copper contained in it, coins were forged. They were made either smaller or less expensive alloys.

What is counterfeit money

Counterfeiting of banknotes means intentional:
•change (alteration) of the nominal value of this state sign,
•change of the series of the state sign;
•change of banknote number, etc.

Responsibility comes immediately in the manufacture of the first lime bill. It does not matter whether the criminal managed to sell a fake or it is still in his storage.

It is impossible to prosecute a person under Art. 186 for counterfeiting banknotes that have gone out of circulation, ancient coins. Such a crime is fraud.

Responsibility for crime

Often, people through the Network (acquaintances, friends, etc.) are trying to find out where to buy fake money of good quality in order to sell them in the future. So, when you enter the query "Where you can buy counterfeit money " in the search box, there will be offers of various resources, including banks, to buy fakes on favorable terms. Where you can find fake notes for sale.

In case of a group crime, the sentencing is not affected by the denomination and number of bills.

Counterfeit money can be both in
USA dollars and in foreign currency (for example, fake euros, yen and other foreign currency). The corpus delicti takes place, regardless of whether the fake got into monetary circulation or not.

and fake notes for sale

In order to create fake banknotes, criminals use mainly copiers and inkjet printers. They make about 98% of fake rubles. If we talk about dollars, euros, then printing methods are more often used for their manufacture.

Common methods of making fakes:
1.Using an inkjet printer. The most budgetary way. Often the picture is blurred, there are no protective elements.
2.Using a laser-type color printer. The pattern is clearer, brighter. When wet, the paint does not float. There are no watermarks. The image consists of numerous dots.
3.By silk screen printing (screen printing is used). Such fakes differ by touch - the picture turns out to be quite voluminous.
4.With the help of offset printing. The most expensive and reliable way. A fake can only be recognized by a professional. They are offered by dubious banks, various Internet resources.

How to distinguish genuine banknotes from fakes

How not to fall for the tricks of scammers? There are more than 20 distinctive features of genuine banknotes.

Let's list the most obvious of them:
1.When wet, the paint on the bills does not blur.
2.If you change the slope of the bill, the protective strip will be lowered, raised.
3.In bright lighting, the dotted line will appear solid.
4.If the bill is folded, the numbers on it will be mixed.
5.Watermarks have clear contours.

Often interested in which banknotes are forged more often? Denomination, which is 5000 and 1000 rubles.

If you buy counterfeit money: what to do

If you find yourself questionable banknotes, you should not pay with them. For the sale of fake bills faces criminal liability. With "pacifiers" go to the police or a state bank.

The police will need to explain where and under what circumstances the bill was received.

The bank employee will determine which category it belongs to. If the banknote is insolvent, it will be returned to you with a special bank stamp. In the future, you can not use it. Dubious money banking specialists will send for examination. Employees of the bank will make a certificate indicating all the details of the dubious banknote, write a warrant. The examination lasts 5 days.

How not to become a victim of counterfeiters
1.Make payments using bank cards.
2.Do not buy currency with hands. Exchange currency in banks, exchange offices.
3.Check the authenticity of banknotes when calculating.
4.Do not exchange bills in small outlets.

Features of the fight against violators

The specificity of an illegal act is that
fake notes for sale can be in circulation for a long time. Especially if the denomination of means of payment (paper, metal) is low - they are rarely checked for authenticity in retail outlets.

The difficulties of the investigation lie in the fact that it is difficult to find the initial point of manufacture (sale). Therefore, the fight against such criminal acts in most cases is reduced to the removal of "pacifiers", their destruction. The chances of finding the attacker increase if the fakes turn around within the settlement in which they were produced.

Now you know that you can
buy counterfeit money online, but these actions are illegal. Be vigilant, do not break the law!

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