Why british people buy counterfeit pounds online fakes like real

For every 36 pound coins in the UK, there is one fake. This is the highest level of counterfeits since the beginning of the circulation of such coins in the country, that is, since 1983.

A year earlier, only every fortieth coin turned out to be fake, and in 2002 - every hundredth.

Experts did not rule out that the Royal Mint will have to reissue all coins in denominations of 1 pound. Otherwise, they believe, consumers may lose confidence in the most popular coin in the country.

Similar measures were forced to be taken in 2004 in South Africa, where taxi drivers and sellers refused to accept coins in denominations of 5 rand. At that time, about 2 percent of their total number was considered buy counterfeit pounds online, while in the UK more than 2.8 percent of all one-foot coins are fake.

The situation, however, is saved by the fact that fakes are so difficult to distinguish from real moneythat ordinary buyers use them on a par with ordinary coins.

The British pound is included in the 4 popular foreign exchanges in banks along with the euro, the US dollar and the Japanese yen. The reason is that the British pound is considered one of the most stable, and therefore reserve currencies in the world. Given the popularity and "high price" of accepting and buy counterfeit pounds online, prepared instructions on the signs of protection of pounds.

Current UK banknotes

The banknote series of British pounds sterling includes four denominations - £ 5, £ 10, £ 20, £ 50. Let's start with a description of the design to find out what the bills that are in circulation look like. So, the appearance of banknotes:

Current UK banknotes

On the front side of the banknotes, according to tradition, there is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, on the back - outstanding personalities. Like other currencies in the world, each denomination has its own predominant color and size

Why is the UK switching to "plastic"?

Plastic banknotes are introduced into circulation in more than 50 countries of the world, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico. Studies have shown that polymer bills serve up to 6 years (paper 2 years). This means that switching to plastic banknotes saves the Bank of England more than £100 million over a decade.

 The most forged banknotes of Great Britain

The most forged denomination of buy British counterfeit pounds online sterling is £20. In second place - £ 50. It can be assumed that after the withdrawal from circulation of paper 20-pound bills, the number of counterfeits of 50 pounds will increase because plastic bills are more difficult to forge.

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