Why You Can't buy a Passport: Online Scammers

Forgery of a passport is a criminal offense, but the paradox is that a copy does not seem to exist. After all, a photocopy of the passport is a document only if the paper is notarized. The main interest of forging a copy is caused by the desire of young people to purchase alcohol and tobacco products, so it is initially assumed that a fake copy of the passport does not seem to cause much harm.

1. Despite this, I would like to note that the ban on the consumption of certain products is quite justified, and to violate it would be more stupid than prudence. However, this choice is individual for everyone.

2. So, despite the fact that this issue is very relevant, how to forge a copy of the passport know few.

3. In some opinion, the problem is solved by the program RF SCreater 2.6. It will make it possible to make a substitution of the passport of the USA, but how simple and convenient it is to use is unknown.

4. Another way to forge a copy of the passport is to download a photocopy of the passport with the desired date of birth. Carefully cut out the date, glue to your own photocopy in the right place. Make a photocopy again.

How to get a "gray" passport?

To get a document illegally in almost any country is quite simple. This business has been thriving for a long time. BBC television at one time even conducted a large-scale study: their journalist Shahida Tulaganova, an Uzbek by birth, bought fake passports in different European countries and crossed borders on them. She managed to buy a passport and several times cross the borders of Britain and other EU countries on false passports.

Almost every user of the World Wide Web, faced with various offers now and then slipping on various sites. They consist in offers to buy a passport of the USA.

Instead of looking for where to buy a passport  of the USA Federation, you should think about purchasing a document on the original form and with a posting on the database. This will save you from many problems, and will give additional benefits:

In any case, with whatever company you agree, do not be led to offers to buy a passport - take what is on the original state forms with all degrees of protection.

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